Announcement 3.4.2020 – Finnish Championships

The Board of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association and the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships producing team have today made a decisions to move the Finnish Hobbyhorse Championships to next year, the summer 2021. We did not feel confident that this corona virus epidemic would be over by the end of the summer.

We wish to quarantee the hobbyhorse community a good quality competition and to do that the timing must the as good as possible for all the competitors and also our international guests. We will announce the new date for the competition soon.

To keep our community active we will be offering you several smaller events and activities towards the end of the summer and the end of this year if and when the virus situation allows this.

Keep safe and keep riding, you all!

Best wishes,

The Board of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association
The Hobbyhorse Finnish Championships producing team