by Finnish Hobbyhorse Artisan

Dreaming of having your own Finnish handmade hobbyhorse? The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association maintains a list of Finnish hobbyhorse makers who fit your criteria!


A lot of people have turned to The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association to ask where they could find a truly Finnish, handmade hobbyhorse. This is why we want to provide you with a list of all the dedicated, trustworthy makers in Finland who make handmade quality hobbyhorses and/or other hobbyhorse-related equipment. At the same time we want to support all the hobbyhorse entrepreneurs in Finland by providing them more visibility, brand value and legitimacy by recommending them under “by FHHA”, by Finnish Hobbyhorse Artisan.



1. Routarouncey, instagram @routarouncey

2. Hobbyhorse stable Espoir, instagram @khtespoir