SKHH ry announcement 6.3.2020

The President of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association Vilma Virtanen and CEO of Vermo Areena Heikki Häyhä
Photo: Alisa Aarniomäki

The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association and Vermo Areena have met and discussed the issues surrounding the Hobbyhorse World Championships and the registration of the name for this competition. Vermo Areena has heard the voice of the international hobbyhorse community and the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association and vice versa. As a sign of good will and support to the hobbyhorse sports Vermo Areena wishes to give the right to the trademark over to the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association. The big event in July 25.-27.7. on Vermo Areena will be under the name Vermo World Cup. This event has the full support of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association.

Vermo Areena and the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association will continue in full harmony. Together we will take the hobbyhorse sports even further and in the future there will be many quality events for hobbyhorses on Vermo Areena.The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association wishes to thank Vermo Areena and Espoo city for their support to our beloved hobby and sport.