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The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association

Founded 2004 and registrated in 2016


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We offer hobbyhorse enthusiasts information, activities and competitions around Finland

The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association is an association registered in 2016, which previously operated under the name Suomen Keppihevosyhdistys. We strive to provide hobbyhorse enthusiasts from all over the world with information about hobbyhorses, competitions and other activities, thus promoting young people’s craft skills and offering motivating things to do with exercise.

The association is run by youthful community committed to the hobby. However, a large part of our activity runs online: our website aims to be a channel through which enthusiasts find each other and the information they need. In addition, we organize online courses and trainings as well as online competitions.

Hobbyhorses in a nutshell

Understandably many of those who have just heard about our hobby are more or less confused.

The sport includes riding, competing and coaching but also making hobbyhorses, selling, collecting and trading them, organizing competitions, camps and running the society. There are a lot of variety and every single hobbyhorse enthusiast can build their sport from the parts they like.

Where can i find other hobbyhorse enthusiasts?

Hobbyhorse enthusiasts are the most active on social media platform Instagram and you can find thousands of enthusiast accounts over there.

Who can do it?

We don’t see age nor gender as a limit, everyone is welcome as they are.

When did it start?

We Finns take great pride of saying that the modern hobbyhorses as a sport come from Finland and it started to grow as a trend during 19th century. Nowadays you can find hobbyhorse people anywhere around the world.

Is there events in Finland?

The most of hobbyhorse activity is unofficial and organized by youngsters among our community who provide competitions, training and camps. Our society itself tries to organize schooling and events in the highest level, educate judges and trainers and societies so they could provide the best possible training.