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[13.56, 12.6.2021] Tiina: WE ARE OPENING AN INTERNATIONAL HOBBYHORSE REGISTRY! At the moment it’s still all in Finnish but we are preparing a worldwide English

Superday schedule

Tomorrow is full of program 🔥Take part in celebrating the Superday. Lives take place on the @skhh_ry Instagram.

Photo contest final

Thank you very much for all the beautiful photos you sent us! We have chosen the finalists and it is your turn to choose the

Registration for classes extended!

Did you miss the registration time for our online competition classes? Not to worry – registration time for Superday’s riding classes has been extended to

Superday – show jumping

On Superday, you can also compete in style show jumping! There are two classes to choose from: hyper 50 cm and super 80 cm, which

Superday’s photo contest

Many of us have faced a variety of emotions due to cancellation of Finnish Championships, the second time in a row. Yet it is important

Superday – western riding

Western riding is one of the competition classes that is also open for competitors from abroad! In this class riders perform the western riding level

Supersales 12th June 2021

This year’s Superday has a virtual marketplace for the first time as well! This gives the Finnish Championships’ sellers an opportunity to get some visibility

Superday dressage

The Superday dressage classes for online participating are now up on our website! The international classes are “Hyper Easy B” and the Kür-qualifiers from which


Prick up your ears! We’d love to tell you about the Superday, a virtual event replacing the Finnish Championships this year! The Superday will be

Online dressage competition / RESULTS

The results can be found here: https://skhhry.fi/skhh-ryn-kevattalven-kouluratsastuskilpailut/?contest=contest-condition and from instagram and facebook.

SKHH ry announcement 6.3.2020

The Finnish Hobbyhorse Association and Vermo Areena have met and discussed the issues surrounding the Hobbyhorse World Championships and the registration of the name for

Yhdistyksen ylimääräinen kokous 24.2.2020

Hei yhdistyksen jäsen! Pidämme 24.2.2020 kello 18:00 WhatsAppissa SKHH ry ylimääräisen kokouksen, jonka aiheena on viime kauden tilinpäätöksen hyväksyminen, kauden 2020 budjetin esittäminen ja hyväksyminen

Yhdistyksen vuosikokous 3.2.2020

Hei yhdistyksen jäsen!Pidämme 3.2.2020 kello 18:00 WhatsAppissa yhdistyksen vuosikokouksen, jonka aiheena on viime kauden toimintakertomus, seuraavan kauden toimintasuunnitelma ja uuden hallituksen valitseminen.Kokous on avoin kaikille jäsenillemme.

KUTSU: Strategiaseminaari 18.-20.10.2019 Tanhuvaarassa

Tämä on kutsu: Yhdistyksen vanhat ja uudet aktiivit kutsutaan Strategiasuunnitteluviikonloppuun Tanhuvaaran Urheiluopistolla pe 18.10.-20.10.2019 Omavastuuhinta viikonlopulle on 40 e /hlö. Yhdistys maksaa muilta osin matkat,